On the individual project of the customer we offer implementation of standard decorating or sophisticated graphic elements. We also adapt given projects in order to obtain  precise and accurate overprint. We offer two methods of decorating cosmetic packaging: silk screen printing and Hot Stamping.

The most common method is screen painting. Screen printing is a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of synthetic fibers. This technique allows to print precise decoration in any colour. Depending on the project we provide an option of multicoloured print and positioned print. We offer alternative solution is Hot Stamping. This technique also uses high quality PET stamping foil, and brass stamps or silicone stamps which mirror the project images depending on the cosmetic packaging surface. The most frequently used are matt or shining gold and silver PET foils. We offer a possibility of an overprint in other colours on individual customer order. The high quality and unique appearance of the print is guaranteed by comprising both screen painting and hot stamping methods.